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IMCV announces its formal closure and the transfer of work to the Open Training College

The Institute for Managers of Community and Voluntary Organisations was established in 2011 with the support of a grant from the Atlantic Philanthropies. We launched the IMCV at an event in the National Conference Centre in November 2011 and opened for membership (corporate and individual) in early 2012. By the end of 2013 we had 262 individual members and 28 corporate members. Our membership came from a wide variety of organisations involved in education and research, health, social services, social and community development, housing, employment and training, law, advocacy, international development, and local and rural development. The services we provided to members included the Professional Managers Toolkit, the Professional Manager Award, as well as learning events and informal occasions for CEOs to meet. During this time members contributed more than 100,000 Euro in membership fees.

Despite this healthy contribution from members fees it was clear to the Board of IMCV that a further grant was necessary after the Atlantic Philanthropies grant ended in December 2013 if IMCV was to become sustainable. In early 2014 we applied to the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government for a further grant from the Scheme to Support National Organisations (SSNO) 2014-2016. The Board was disappointed not to have received a positive response to this application as support under this scheme together with members’ fees would have made IMCV fully sustainable.

In these new circumstances it was not possible to continue the employment of our Director and it was necessaryto close our offices during the summer of 2014. We also ceased to request fees from members as all new services were put on hold. The Board remained committed to completing the Professional Manager Award courses which were being delivered by the Carmichael Centre and by the Open Training College. In June 2014 29 managers successfully completed the bespoke Social Enterprise Award delivered in Ballyhoura and were presented with their certificates at a ceremony held in Lough Gur Heritage Centre In December 11 certificates were presented to managers at a ceremony held in Duhallow. 22 Tus coordinators also completed the course in Dublin and were presented with certificates.

IMCV also attempted to continue the project on collaborations and mergers. However plans to hold a conference in the last quarter of 2014 in collaboration with one of our corporate members were not achieved, as the Board without any staff did not consider that it had sufficient capacity to deliver the project satisfactorily.

The Board of IMCV has also been considering how best to progress its work into the future and in particular the Occupational Standards for Managers, the Professional Manager Toolkit and the Professional Manager Award which were developed, trialled and implemented during the last three years. We have reluctantly decided that it is not possible to continue in the way we had planned without further grant aid. We still strongly believe in the promotion of good management practice in ways that endorse and reinforce the values and philosophies of the community and voluntary sector.

In order to safeguard the progress made by IMCV in recent years we have agreed to transfer ownership of the Occupational Standards, the Toolkit and the Professional Manager Award to the Open Training College. The OTC has been a corporate member, a preferred training provider and has delivered the Professional Manager Award in 2014. We are pleased that the OTC has agreed to this and we enclose a parallel announcement from OTC which outlines how they will continue the work we have begun.

We are now writing to each individual and corporate member to inform them. We will also begin the work of formally “winding up” the Institute.

Our sincere thanks to all those individual and corporate members who have supported the concept of professionalising management in the community and voluntary sector and have been the “early uptakers” of IMCV. We wish you continued success in the future.

Yours sincerely
Tony Crooks

July 2015

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